The Do It Yourself or DIY trend lands in your kitchen to give it a new look. Without forgetting the functional side of the room, a kitchen must admit storage compartments so that utensils and napkins are not scattered here and there. DIY kitchen kits, a trend at a low price, will make your kitchen even more functional but above all attractive. A guaranteed atmosphere thanks to your own creation when you go to prepare your dishes. Discover the essential materials as well as the decoration ideas to realize with DIY kitchen kits at home.

Arrange your kitchen in a functional setting adapted to your needs

To save space, opt for DIY kitchen kits. There are a variety of clever tricks to make storage accessories easy and practical. Planks and other salvaged materials will serve as your work surface. The easiest way is to build a space-saving storage drawer. All you need is a wooden frame, boards to make shelves and wheels for optimal movement. This drawer can be built directly against a wall or as a separation from other rooms. A ladder can also be used as a storage accessory to hang herbs in the kitchen.

Customize jars and cans to store your utensils

You always need jars and boxes to store the various spices, salt and sugar. Glass jars are very practical and easy to decorate. In addition, their transparent colour makes it easy to identify the ingredient you need. In addition, tins that can be used as a storage tool are just as pleasant to use. Simply cover them with tissue paper or interlace them with ribbons for a beautiful kitchen decoration.

Customize your kitchen accessories with paints and make your own tools to serve your guests

Wooden utensils sometimes give a rustic atmosphere in a kitchen. To give them a modern look, simply paint them with light shades such as purplish pink, green or yellow. Stools and old shelves also appreciate colours, mainly white to light up the room. For aperitifs, DIY trays add a creative touch to your presentation. To do this, attach two handles to the ends of a board.