Housewife, working girl, ordinary woman, every mother is unique and deserves a little attention from time to time. To comfort your moms, there is nothing better than decorative objects here and there at home. For Mother's Day or simply to please mom, here are some decorative gift ideas to offer her.

For your mom, a little personal touch from you to comfort her

For your Mother's Day gift, surprise your mother with a warm, cocooning atmosphere for winter. Bring your personal touch by mixing the natural side for the decoration of your living room with a bit of originality. Add plaids, graphic or printed cushions, candles, hot water bottle, ... to create a cosy and ideal atmosphere in the house. You can even imagine a decoration trend by adding some plants such as greens, cacti, put carpets to create a warmer atmosphere, etc...

Does your mother like greenery?

A small indoor garden is sure to appeal to mums who love little green corners indoors. As a Mother's Day gift, offer your mother her mini indoor garden or her green hanging corner with glass hanging flower pots, or hanging artificial plants. You can also prepare her a small garden on the terrace, on the balcony. If you don't have any corners to make a small green space, relocate a corner of her kitchen or living room into a small indoor garden. Preferably, you can favour plants or natural materials and play with sizes and shapes for an impressive visual effect.

Simplicity and a bit of elegance, nothing better to please mum for her party

For moms who like simple, elegant and chic decorations, there's nothing like a personal makeover for you in her bedroom by hanging a light bulb in a clear glass jar for example. You can also put your souvenir photos in a frame by adding a vintage-style alarm clock on the bedside table. For a discreet and chic touch in your mother's bedroom for her Mother's Day gift, you can put a gold metal cover on the dresser or any decorative object. She will certainly love this unique touch!