Your best friends invite you to their housewarming party and you are wondering what you could give them to welcome them to their new home. Well, this article is made for you! Say goodbye to gifts that are far too traditional and outdated. Instead, choose something original that will mark the spirit of the couple and the guests who will be attending the party. Let's go for innovative housewarming gift ideas for a couple to offer at any price!

Housewarming gift for a couple: opt for an unusual gift!

Since it's a couple that you probably know on the tip of your fingers, why not opt for an unusual gift? If you want to set the right mood for their housewarming party, you can always come with a bottle of champagne, or even a case.  Don't forget that living in a new house opens up to new adventures, and you can perfectly participate in this great change. So, for a housewarming gift for a couple that will leave your friends speechless, opt for example for mop slippers, for a mermaid plaid, for a flamingo toilet brush or for a salt and pepper shaker promise.

Housewarming gift for a couple: fall for an authentic tea set!

Your friends love to drink tea? How about offering them an authentic tea set? Be sure they'll need to equip their dishes, so why not start there. To avoid choosing a kitchen set that is too classic, choose a set that is out of the ordinary. Lean for a Zip cup from Beauty and the Beast, paired with the Mrs Samovar teapot. Likewise, you can offer the couple mugs to colour in or a weekly set of cups.

Housewarming gift for a couple: what if you were to redecorate their home?

Giving a housewarming gift for a couple means caring about their comfort now that they've moved in. So, to please them, invest in a housewarming gift for a couple that can equip their home. You can then choose an unusually shaped carpet to install in the bathroom or bedroom. And for more authenticity, invest in a giant pouffe or stool with an unusual design.