Is your friend having a birthday soon? Will he become an adult after a few days? If you want to make him happy, give him an original and trendy gift: the drinking game. Here are 3 drinking game gift ideas that may inspire you.

The drinking roulette game

As its name suggests, this type of game is presented in the form of roulette. The edges are filled with glass, on which you can put your drinks (especially alcohol). This drinking game gift is very playful, especially if you like to have fun the Las Vegas way. The principle is very simple: you bet on a number and then spin the roulette wheel. The person who matches the number you bet on will have to have a drink. The goal is to empty as many shots as possible. Apart from the unique pleasure it provides, this drinking roulette game is also practical. With a dozen shots, it can be played with several players. This way you will have more atmosphere and the game will last longer.

The arrow drinking game

It looks a lot like drinking roulette. Only, instead of spinning the roulette wheel, you're going to spin the arrow. There's a little glass hanging over it. As soon as the arrow is pointed at a person, he or she will have to drink immediately. This gift is ideal for young people looking for fun and entertainment. In addition, its operating rules are very simple and easy to implement. However, it is less effective in case of collective play. Having only one shot, it is quite difficult to use it in a group. It is therefore preferable to play it with two, or at most with three people.

The infernal tower drinking game

If your friend's a geek, this is the perfect gift for him. In addition to drinking sips of alcohol, you also have to solve puzzles. Indeed, this game is composed of 4 shot glasses and a trick consisting of 60 wooden blocks. Each player must remove one at a time from each block, without reversing the turn. If the turn falls, the player will have lost and will have to drink a shot. The blocks also offer challenges that must be completed at all costs, otherwise the puzzle will not be solved. This drinking game is very playful. You can spend your time there during the evening. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to drink alcohol in moderation.