Choosing to make your own cocktails is as much work as it is fun. Preparing a tasty cocktail is not just a matter of mixing it, but also of presenting the drink in the right way. And for this, the accessories for making your cocktails are very important for an unforgettable evening. The small decorations, so visible that they are quickly associated as the emblematic touches of cocktails, make happy marriages with the drink itself. Even the glasses for serving cocktails are very different and elegant. Mojito, Margarita and others each have their own aromatic flavour. Indeed, these tastes are gracefully revealed with the appropriate cups.

The main accessories to make your own cocktails

Whether you have opted for existing recipes or to invent your own creations, the equipment to make your own cocktails are the key pieces of a real shandy. We've seen a lot in movies, the famous Shaker that the bartender handles before serving a good cocktail. In fact, this equipment allows the perfect emulsion of ingredients. The blender and juice extractors are also key accessories to produce a cocktail worthy of the name. Use a mixing glass for drinks that are not intended to be shaken. To do this, use a mixing spoon with a long handle to reach the bottom of the glass.

Adapt the glass style according to the composition

The glasses are also part of the accessories to make his cocktails. In order to serve your cocktails, it is necessary to take into account the appropriate type of glass contributing to the pleasures of savouring them gently. For refreshing cocktails, opt for the Collins glass for its elongated shape allowing you to add a large quantity of ice cubes. Tropical style, the Hurrican Tulip or poco grande is an ideal glass for exotic cocktails such as Sex on the beach.

Apply the decorative touch to embellish it

Available in plastic, and even in silver and gold, straws have a double function: decorative and stirring. Its colours and shapes spice up the final touch of a cocktail. Other accessories to make cocktails in a fun and warm setting are small parasols and multicoloured fruit skewers. Your guests will be so delighted to see all these little decorations putting magic in your party. Moreover, the Zesteur is an essential tool when it comes to making cocktails.